New year’s gift

When considering an end-of-year present for our clients, we thought it would be nice if it was related to what we do: packaging design.

We chose a very common gift: a bottle of wine, but presented it in a creative way that suggests a fun activity: design your own bottle!

In our studio we joke about clients willing to do our work, particularly when we get comments like: “Make the logo bigger!, Try the background in red!, Bolder lettering!” Now we are giving them the opportunity to design and we won’t get upset!

“We’re so tired as this year comes to an end that you’ll have to design your own gift”, states the message on the wrapper. To reinforce the idea, we used improvised aesthetics: a simple sheet of white paper that appears to be hand-written. Inside, along with the label-free bottle, is a sheet of stickers with the necessary items for personalization: humorous brands, illustrations and legal texts. We also ask our clients to show us the results by sending us a photo of their design.

Published on 28 December, 2010
Categories: cruce.

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